No Man’s Sky Game Review

  • by Sannan Zahid
  • 10 Months ago
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No Man’s Sky Game Review

Hello Games have done a superb job with the No Man’s Sky development, not looking at the bugs during the game-play, but the overall experience was amazing. Talking about scope of its procedurally  generated sci-fi universe and often striking interplanetary exploration that allows you to hop in a spaceship and fly seamlessly to the surface of another planet.

The story of No Man’s Sky begins with the player waking up on a planet, standing near a broken-down spaceship. Eventually, the player gather everything they need to make the necessary repairs and leave the starting planet into space. Then you can fly to a new planet and begin the process all over again.

Honestly, I find No Man’s Sky game to be in a loop to gather, craft and travel then repeat. You can get involve with other, self-appointed tasks, such as chronicling every species of alien life on a planet, but in the end everything feeds back into the goal of gathering what you need in order to allow yourself to travel farther in order to gather what you need to travel even farther than that, and so on, into almost-literal infinity.

This Latterly infinite game do has an end goal to that is to get to the center of the galaxy. Pulling this off requires dozens of hours of jumping between solar systems, gathering more resources and upgrading your equipment. In other words, there’s a direct path forward that will keep you busy for a long time in a game that you could choose to get lost in forever if you wanted.

The main draw in No Man’s Sky is base building, which allows players to settle on planets and build their own small outposts – fully customizable, expandable and equip-able with crops and AI workers. Players will either like this a lot or just fly right on by, uninterested in the concept of settling down in a game where the real thrill comes from exploration.

My favorite part is the freighters – huge capital ships that can be landed in, explored and, if you’ve got enough money, purchased for your own use. They’re awesome and can be summoned instantaneously out of hyperspace so you can transfer your valuable goods to the freighter’s hull.

With a game as massive as No Man’s Sky and a team as small as Hello Games, it’s no surprise that there are some fairly notable tech issues still being worked through. Still there are a lot of smaller annoying bugs messing up the game for us and other players. The worst of the bunch is related to crafting recipes, which are often found in the environment or presented as rewards from aliens. If you’re playing the game now, don’t be surprised if you run into some of these problems.

At end guys there is  no game which is Robust honestly, there still remain bugs in games, so if you are going for an adventure don’t miss this game.

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